Control Line Classes



Precision Aerobatics, or "Stunt" is the Control Line premier event. It involves flying of a set of acrobatic maneuvers called the Pattern. The pattern is made up of various loops, squares, hourglass and four-leaf clover shaped maneuvers. The models are large compared to the other classes, and are often artfully finished. Contestants in aerobatics competitions are required to fly their planes through the pattern so that they can be assessed and scored by a panel of judges.



For many years there have been modern day competitions for models of the past. Countless old control line designs are reborn and flown in this class. This class brings out some fantastic looking and flying models of the past that may otherwise be lost to history. The Old Time Stunt competitions bring out more and more modellers every year.



In the early days of control line modelers realized that it provided an ideal opportunity for conducting speed competitions because speeds could be measured accurately using simple equipment.The Speed competition is based on building and flying an airplane to fly fast as it can possibly go, given the limitations of fuel, engine displacement and model design along with line specifications. The designs are usually small and streamlined with long, thin wings. Several classes are flown, based on engine displacement. Everything from the standard two-stroke engine to pulse-jets. The models are timed for a certain number of laps to determine their speed. Speeds can reach well over 200 mph.



Racing events involve the flying of two or more airplanes together in the same circle. The idea, of course, is to complete a given number of laps before ones' opponents do so. Racing events usually involves a minimum number of pit stops, where the planes are landed, refueled, restarted and re-launched by a second team member.



The Combat event is the simulation of air-to-air combat or "Dog Fighting". Mid-air combat became possible when paper streamers were attached to the control line models, and they were launched with the task of cutting each other's streamers. Not surprisingly collisions and crashes are frequent, but the participants enjoy themselves, and spectators love it! These models are very minimal, sometimes not much more than a wing and an elevator.



Scale models of full sized aircraft are sometimes the most impressive control line planes to be seen. Their builders sometimes spend countless hours on their construction and preparation of this class of model. Most every type and class of full scale aircraft has been modeled and flown control line. Even though these planes are built for static viewing and judging, they are required to fly in the contest.



The Carrier event is designed to mimic actual naval carrier-based operations. An interesting class of model that is flown from a simulated aircraft carrier deck and must simulate naval carrier flight with includes several things: high speed; slow flight; and precision arrested landing.


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